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Over the years, I have started blogs, online shops and that one time I created an Etsy page.  My intention for Angela Mayhoe is to have an outlet for creative ideas, share new discoveries and explore unexpected adventures. As a woman over 40, I am learning how to balance the ebb and flow of entering the second stage of my life. I want this space to encourage one to find their best self and stand tall in your truth.  

I will explore travel, cooking attempts, slow mornings, knitting and cocktails (I'll drink to that).  Not necessarily in that order but everything plus more will be discussed and dissected as we navigate our way through this journey. I welcome you to join me in this space that has manifested from late night thoughts, passions and obsessions.  Before we get started, here's a little bit about me:

  1. I like making list

  2. Imperfect perfectionist

  3. Loves to travel

  4. Knitting enthusiast

  5. Drinks scotch 

  6. Smoke cigars

  7. Occasionally fall asleep during my daily meditation

  8. Love a new day but loathe the idea of getting out of bed before 10am

  9. Had to have a list of nine because I have a thing for odd numbers...3 is my fav

image via gina sabatella