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Exhale into your season

My thought process works like a pinball machine, it only takes one idea to get everything going and before I know it, my mind is lit up and the bells are sounding off. Sometimes this can be very useful while other times it limits my progress and I forget to enjoy the process. Since I have been in a position to fully work on my desires, I have upped the demand to be perfect and not (excuse my French) fuck this up. For a perfectionist like myself, this leaves me in a state of getting nothing done and a bucket full of ideas.

Instead of focusing on the time that has flown by, my current practice is to take a beat and be fully present in whatever I'm doing. I find that having razor sharp focus and working at a slower pace is more beneficial for me and creates less mistakes. It also reminds me to enjoy the arrival of my new season while being grateful for my gifts and the opportunity to share them with the world.  I'm learning that there will always be room for improvement and that I AM giving it my best, despite what the voice in my head is constantly yelling. 

This is my time. There's no need to reclaim it - I just need to enjoy it!