Xu Zhen : In a Blink of an Eye


image via angela mayhoe


Defying Gravity

I love all forms of art but when it comes to performance art - I usually walk away confused if there’s not an intention or description listed next to the work. My desire is to expand my art knowledge and nurture all of my creative interests by actually having more experiences in the areas where I might feel uncomfortable or ignorant.

I attended the Xu Zhen exhibit at MOCA on a Sunday afternoon and had my mind blown! Xu Zhen uses the body as a material in this piece and as the viewer you anticipate - movement. Instead, you leave pondering the trickery and bewilderment of the exhibition.


In the original presentation, Xu cast members of marginalized communities, such as migrant workers, so that bodily suspension became a metaphor for minimal civil status. The work is ultimately about the fragile balance of life.


images via angela mayhoe

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