Soul of a Nation


Freedom Now, 1963, Reginald Gammon, The Broad


Art in the Age of Black Power 1963-1983

As per protocol, when I visit a new city I always research the current museum exhibits in advance and create an itinerary for my “museum day”. This is how I came across the Soul of a Nation exhibit at the Tate Modern in 2017. After viewing the collection, my artistic life was changed - I left wanting to know more - more about the stories behind each piece and their creators.

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image via angela mayhoe

The exhibit is currently on show at The Broad and once again I found myself standing in front of powerful paintings, photographs and sculptures that whispered to my curiosity and fed my soul.


Injustice Case, 1971 | David Hammons, The Broad


Wives of Sango, 1971 | Jeff Donaldson, The Broad


what’s going on, 1974 | berkley hendricks, the broad


woman bathing /madonna, 1967 | beuford smith, The Tate Modern


watts riot, 1966 | noah purifoy, The broad

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