The Art of Balance


image via angela mayhoe


Keeping it all together

Since launching Angela Mayhoe | KNIT last year and re-entering the workforce this year, I have found a challenge in balancing it all. Either I feel guilty about not knitting when I get home from work or I catch myself in a knitting zone for up to 12 hours at a time on my days off. Juggling this rat race on a weekly basis has left me with no room to socialize and it has definitely prevented me from obtaining a self care routine.

While working on a recent project, my unbalanced life took a toll and I caught myself in a 36 hour knitting frenzy! That was definitely my wake up call to really get myself centered and recalibrated. The biggest lesson I learned from that experience was to create an effortless care routine and honor it daily. So here I am, mapping out a true morning/evening routine that I can follow no matter what my daily tasks entail - it has to be quick and efficient!

I realized that when I do take the time to care for myself - my productive time is more meaningful and I gain more momentum to complete my projects. The biggest adjustment has been waking up earlier to dedicate time before work to work on AMK. It’s a known fact that I’m not a morning person but my drive has been jolting me out of bed at 6a to knit. This has become my new normal and it feels good. I know that building my brand is my passion - it literally is what gets me out of bed every morning!

I also purchased a planner to keep me on schedule and organized - now I’m going to actually use it. These are the baby steps to a bigger picture. Although I have visited this scene many times, I’m being gentle with myself as this is a new way of living for me - so I’ll give myself time to adjust, make adjustments and then adjust again until I get it right. That’s the beauty of self-care, you can start over from where you are as many times as needed until you find your groove.