Aprés All Day

The excitement of fresh powder hovering over the tree lined slopes, brisk cold air bouncing off your goggles as the force of gravity takes you downhill - the speed, the adrenaline, the competitive edge that keeps you going. You know the feeling - I don’t!

I spent a week in Utah at the Snowbird Resort and aprés the whole time. To give myself some credit, I was in a boot - I suffered multiple stress fractures in my left foot and still needed to heal. However, when the invitation was extended to travel to this beautiful winter wonderland, I couldn't say no. Hiking in Zion National Park last February, left me with a hankering for more snow capped mountains and puffy outerwear.

We started out in Salt Lake City, exploring downtown, a few breweries and the Great Salt Lake. The lake hypnotized my senses as I took in its stillness and the surrounding snow-covered terrain. It was a moment that was so simple yet profound - the beauty and diversity of nature. The drive up to Snowbird didn’t disappoint as we weaved through the side of the mountain with precision and caution. The skies were clear, the air was crisp and I was excited to do nothing for a week. Once I got settled into our 10th floor balcony-destination, it was time to release, break out the knitting and binge watch Hallmark Christmas movies!

I did spend a few days exploring and found myself drinking beer with locals. There was also an outing to Park City, which is the pure definition of a snow globe town. Their Main St. was filled with pubs, chocolate factories, souvenir shops and local boutiques. However, the highlight of the trip was my all day relaxation bonanza at the spa. I changed into my comfy robe, slipped on my plastic slippers (not a fan of spa slippers), grabbed a blanket and enjoyed an uninterrupted afternoon in the solarium with epic views of the slopes. As I dived into my book, The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters: The Tragic and Glamorous Lives of Jackie and Lee, I melted away and for a couple of hours, nothing else mattered. I later found myself with a case of cabin fever (we’re never satisfied), so I relocated to the rooftop pool. I met some more non-skiing travelers and we connected in silence as the hot tub jets thrashed into our backs and the sun massaged our faces - pure heaven. The last night, I relocated my aprés to the champagne bar and indulged on shishito peppers, miso cod and dry martinis (wasn’t in a champagne mood).

Not sure where my next cold weather destination will be but I do know that it will be filled with knitting, books, spa time and maybe a skiing class!

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