The Cable Turtleneck


image via angela mayhoe


Cozied Up

Another cold destination trip calls for - yup, you guessed it - a chunky sweater. For my recent jaunt to Utah, I decided to create a turtleneck statement with cabling details. This was a great piece to knit! I enjoy figuring out pattern layouts, slipping stitches and doing fashion math - yes it’s a thing.


From the beginning, I knew I wanted to have an exaggerated turtleneck and a textured front bodice. The turtleneck was a no brainer - I just casted on some circular needles and went in - a lot. The cabled front, however was a process. I’m an indecisive designer - like most creatives. We have so much going on in our heads that the possibilities of designs are endless and it’s our mission to pick the “perfect” one. Once I got to down to about 5 designs, I then muddled over those outcomes hundreds of times until I felt like something sticked - then of course I change the whole thing and started over.

Then it was time to swatch and figure out a pattern. I’m not a huge swatch fan - I do them because they’re necessary. Once all the details were straighten out - it was time to turn off everything that has a sound in my space and began casting on the first pattern sequence. I opted to make the back a basic garter stitch due to yarn yardage and a piece of mind. Plus after all the initial “creative process” my trip was approaching fast.



I normally knit with all natural fibers but I discovered this wool/acrylic/viscose blend and loved it. It comes with 760 yards of yarn per skein! I used two skeins to create this project. The yarn handled well - I used US9 needles - I could have gone up a size but I wanted a very tight detailed aesthetic for my cables.

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