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Six years ago, I had a random thought that led to me purchase a pasta maker. Last year, I took a pasta making class at Sur la Table for motivation and last month I finally made my first batch of pasta. I'm a professional procrastinator layered with perfectionism. When it comes to adding another hobby to my list of many, I have to create the perfect situation along with the perfect time - "translation" I don't get new shit done!

However, this is the time for new beginnings and learning to embrace change so Ari (my friend of adventure and all things fashion) and I made a solid plan to spend a Sunday afternoon making pasta.


We grabbed all of our pasta ingredients at Pinocchio in Burbank (keeping it all Italian). Then watched this video here, a million times. First batch we got the egg white/egg ratio confused, second batch we forgot the oil but was able to salvage it and off we were, making pasta like a boss!


The whole process was fairly easy. During the 1-2 hours that the dough kneaded to rest (I couldn't help it - I'm a cornball), we prepared the filling. Ari found this amazing recipe here from Food & Wine which was full of flavor and super easy to prepare. Unfortunately, we didn't have the proper ravioli tools, so our sweet little pockets of yummies were not uniformed and I had to make the markings with a fork - work with whatcha got.


The pasta recipe yields about 30 raviolis (wait, is that a word). We placed them on a parchment lined baking sheet in single layers and put them in the freezer. After they were frozen, I placed them in a ziplock bag and cooked them within the week. I paired my ravioli with a spicy arrabbiata sauce here and fresh grated parmesan. Yes, I will be making pasta again in the future and I WILL have the proper tools next time.


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