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a journey of courage

I started knitting 10 years ago after a friend invited me to attend one of her knitting classes. She warned me that her knitting teacher was very direct and actually hated teaching, so the sooner I caught on the better. I had an open-handful of confidence - that one time I crocheted a pot holder in 5th grade (it's like riding a bike - right?). She gave me a pair of needles, a ball of yarn and the rest is history. From the first moment I cast on my first stitch, I was hooked (insert crochet pun here). I did catch on fast and Helen agreed to continue sharing her knowledge and love of knitting with me. 


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Years later, I found myself knitting everyday. There was a moment when knitting wasn’t an option anymore - I weaved this “thing” into my space and it became one of my lifelines. When I wasn’t knitting, I was thinking about what I could be knitting. Once I identified myself as a knitting creative, I knew it was time for me to set up my platform and present my gifts to the world - ready or not it was coming.


image via angela mayhoe

I am so proud to announce the debut of Angela Mayhoe|KNIT. Creativity takes courage and courage takes practice, passion and persistence. For all of my artisans out there, work your magic until one day your magic begins to work you - that’s when you know you’re ready!

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