Art Wall


Stick It To The Wall

My art wall is a breathing installation that demands change and an open mind. I have pieces that have existed since the inception and there are also new additions that have mended everything together. I keep the layout in odd numbers and intentional scattered - this is how my mind works. I'm always thinking about multiple ideas but in the end they come together to create a solid thought. 

When I tackled the last art wall renovation, I realized that I had a lot of framed pieces, so I placed some on my mantle while other pieces were just placed against the wall. I really like this look because it creates a cozy "lived-in" feeling and brings another layer to my home decor. I also incorporated some cheeky framed posters that reflects my layered sense of humor that lingers on rude vulgarity - I have many many layers. 


images via gina sabatella


To create an art wall in your space, I would began with gathering images (of different sizes or same dimensions) that represents all sides of your personality. You can also pick a theme if it makes the process easier i.e. quotes, botanicals, b & w images, numbers. This is a chance to dissect your various layers and how you would like to represent yourself in your space. There's no wrong way of doing this which is part of the beauty of this project - do you Boo.

Here's a more detailed direction on building out your wall here

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