Facing The Camera


images via gina sabatella



I really don't like taking pictures. I never know what to do with my hands. Should I pose or look natural...and what is looking natural?  Also, is the added 10 lbs really a thing (yes, yes it is)? I recently did a photo shoot to stock up on images and at first it was a challenge. Once I made the decision to do the shoot, I went into panic mode. What do I wear, should I color my roots, do I need to purchase more decor for my space, oh shit, I don’t wear make up (I’m sure I will need make up). The one thing that saved me from complete insanity is the fact that I’m a problem solver and not a problem dweller. Of course, once I stepped back and tackled each situation individually, there really wasn’t anything to worry about.

  1. No, I don't have to color my hair, I like the added depth of my dark roots (for now)

  2. My space is fine just how it is but I can add an extra bunch of fresh flowers to my weekly stash

  3. I have some amazing girlfriends with extensive knowledge about make up. They can offer me great make up tips and make up

The day of the shoot came and I had an amazing experience. The photographer was outstanding, (thanks Gina), the exciting energy lingered with me for the rest of the day and I discovered a new way to express myself. So why all the fuss?

Accepting new experiences can be very difficult, especially if you’re a creature of habit like myself. I’m quite complicated in this area, I change my hair often, I rearrange my space quarterly and I love being exposed to new things but I also I love my comfort zone. I worked for the same fashion company for 15 years, I have lived in my current space for 9 years and I have leased the same type of car 3 times. To be fair, I continue to live in my space because my apartment is rent control and "new" LA rent is bananas.

My new area of exploration is to find more things that challenge my comfort zone and stop overthinking the experience before it happens. Instead, acknowledge the process of starting something new and reward myself with courage while appreciating my decision to grow. With each new experience, I'm finding the process to be easier and more enjoyable. Now, will I be jumping out of planes next month, no but I do have a couple of other things in mind to spice up my mojo and change gears!

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