Jumpsuit Uniform



I can still feel the stiffness of my blue and red checkered jumpsuit circa 1986. I carefully laid it out the night before my first day of 5th grade. I was obsessed with that jumpsuit, as well as the thin red patent pleather belt that came with it. I sashayed down the narrow hallways of my elementary school, daydreaming that I was in Paris doing what people in Paris do (I had no clue what that was so I made up a story of me walking down the street with a poodle and a beret caressing my pigtails). I received lots complements from my peers and I knew picking out this jumpsuit 4 months before (we shopped for school clothes first thing in summer so my mother could put them on lay-a-way) was the right decision. All was well until, you guessed it, I had to go to the bathroom. Now the thousand tiny buttons down the front became the worst fashion detail ever and that stupid pleather belt was a nuisance. I really never wore jumpsuits after that school year. 

Skip to many moons later and Madewell website. I'm that 10 year old girl all over again and I want my jumpsuit back! I might have to adopt a spring uniform and just wear jumpsuits for the whole season. They offer a variety from a casual denim mechanic jumper to a classic striped one with pockets or you can go for the feminine ruffle front jumper with straps. So many choices, I'll take them all!


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