Creating The New in New Year


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Becoming consistently consistent

Would I still be considered spiritual if I slept in until 9am or do I have to wake up at 5am and meditate for two hours? If I skip oil pulling for 2 weeks, can I still say that I oil pull? Are wearing pants (or any bottom-based apparel) really required to be considered an adult? These were just a small list of questions that scattered my mind as the new year cat rolled into my bed and cozied up to my semi-conscious (suppose to be meditating) body.

Every new year, hundreds of thousands, okay let’s say millions of people make lists, resolutions and join gyms to become a better version of themselves even if it only last for a week. Although I never participate in making resolutions, I do reflect on the previous year and seek ways to be better - oh shit, I do make resolutions! So how is this year going to be any different from the past years?

First, I’m not going to give myself a set of unrealistic goals. You know the ones that look great on paper but are too drastic to implement the next day. You literally have to become a completely different person in 3…2…1- Happy New Year! This year, my focus is on an organic transition towards discipline and mind transformation. I’ve been heading in this direction for a while and now it’s time for it to manifest into my reality - come thru intention!

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.
— Marie Forleo

My objective is to focus on the major components that will launch me towards my main objective - so consistency is key for me. I’m not trying to workout everyday, become vegan, and adopt a new minimal lifestyle by the end of the month. I’m being kind to myself and creating three realistic, yet challenging goals that in turn will be life changing if carried out on a consistent basis - done and done! So, here’s my reference list of how I plan to stay consistent with my brilliant plan:

The Why in the What

Define why you are wanting to change. Are you tired of missing the mark, can’t fit into those jeans but you continue to keep them in the closet (come on - we all have a pair), you’re not seeing any movement in your life, or you just keep making bad decisions. Once you find your why, stay focused on it! This will help you keep going on those days when the new routine is overwhelming.

Schedule It

Don’t expect things to just happen - schedule it! Figure out what days, what time and how long you are going to commit to your new task and make it happen. I’m not the best example of a morning person so I have scheduled my yoga practice for the evening. It works best for me and it’s a great way for me to wind down into my nightly routine (yes I have a nightly routine and you should get one too).

Play Catch Up

Nobody is perfect - so there will be days when you just can’t. When this happens, don’t let the can’t get out of control and completely get you off your game. Start again the next day and keep it moving. Don’t wallow in the fact that you didn’t do it yesterday and now you have to start over. Every day is a new beginning - so stick with it.

Give Yourself Time

Depending on the task at hand - you will not see results overnight (unless your plan is to make yourself overnight oats for breakfast every morning). Stick to your plan and your plan will stick to you. Allowing time to perfect a new hobby or mastering that yoga pose is crucial for reaping the benefits of your efforts. So stop judging your progress so harshly - give yourself a break.

*Bonus tip - to avoid people from asking you every time they see you if you have accomplished your goal - keep your goals to yourself. I know that friends have the best intentions but having constant inquiries about a goal that you are trying to accomplish can backfire. I have a small support community (like 2 people) that I share my goals with and they respect me and the process. A friendly push every now and again is needed but an annoying tapping on your shoulder will cause you to throw the whole thing away!

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