The Chunky Ribbed Sweater


image via angela mayhoe


Chunky Makes It Better


My knitting signature is oversized outerwear with textures and statement sleeves. However, living in LA doesn't offer me many opportunities to wear tons of heavy outerwear. However, I can always find a weekend destination that requires an extra layer of coziness. On my recent trip to Zion National Park, the Chunky Ribbed Sweater was a great companion. The nights were 13° and I definitely needed the warmth and comfort of merino wool.



For the sweater, I used the Fisherman's Rib Stitch (made the "wrong" side the fashion side). Learn how to knit it here. It's one of my favorite ribbed stitches because it adds great texture to your garment (I'm obsessed with texture). For the neckline and sleeve cuff, I took my needles down a size (from US10 to US9) and knitted a 1x1 rib.  I made the lengths twice as long so I could fold the finished neckline/cuff in half to complement the chunkiness of the sweater.


images via angela mayhoe



The most important detail in knitting is the yarn selection.  I make sure my yarn is easy to knit and will produce a quality garment.  After the many dedicated hours of work, I want my pieces to delivery longevity and stability.  I did find this yarn to shed a bit with wear but I'm hoping after a good hand wash it will calm down.

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