Navy Bean Escarole Soup


image via angela mayhoe


stir the soup

I am not a chef or a cook for what it's worth.  I defined myself as a professional recipe follower\modifier.  When I do decide to spend time in the kitchen, I'm all in and have the best time. For me, it's all about the ambience:

  1. Red Wine

  2. Suitable Playlist

  3. Comfortable\Fashion Forward Outfit (sweatpants)

  4. Clean Kitchen

  5. Perfect Recipe

With so many options available and the ease of having a meal get better with age (I normally don't indulge in leftovers but I'm flexible), I was totally game to explore the world of soups.  I found this great recipe from Bon Appetit here and was like, sure I'll throw some pitted olives in my navy beans.  However, I did make some adjustments, I nixed the feta cheese (not really into feta) and added extra crushed red pepper flakes.  The results, pretty damn tasty!


Now for my next soup...  


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