Floral Baths


image via angela mayhoe



A long, candle lit bubble bath is one of my weekly necessities.  I wanted to enhance my experience, so I starting to explore the world of floral baths. I purchase fresh flowers every Sunday at the Farmer's Market to add color and fragrance to my space.  It's with a new intention that I can now utilize my flowers in another way.  Last week, I selected floral bouquets that complemented each other in color and fragrance.  I also included camomile and roses for their healing properties.  

Relaxed isn't the right word to use, more like transformed.  As I prepared my bath, I also added a coconut milk bath soak here for an added bonus. While I submerged myself in flowers, I showed gratitude for where I am and had a moment of stillness to take in all that was around me.   I highly recommend trying this bath ritual for yourself.  We all need a "go to" escape plan from time to time and I am excited to add this one to my arsenal.  




Nourish, SoulAngela Mayhoe