Cami Love


strapped & Layered

With the intention of redefining my wardrobe, I have come to discover that I'll rock the hell out of a camisole. I recall mid 2017, searching for the perfect one not realizing that I was in the beginning stages of a new romance (they say you find love when you least expect it).  I snagged this one from Everlane in bone.  

Now, I'm taking my cami game to the next level.  It's all about layering, a lace and a plain silk under a chunky knit to expose the straps or to create wardrobe contrast by layering a textured cami under a delicate one. Then there's the option of low back, low front, lace front, button front and lets not start with the color schemes.  Needless to say, my new courtship is going strong and come summer, I'll be strapped and layered!   


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