image via cecilia carlsdtedt


I illustrated my first design in the summer of '86 on a white crisp sheet of typing paper that was tightly secured under a clamp with a raised image beneath.  What should have been another hand me down toy (tattered box included) from my two older sisters, turned out to be the beginnings of a lifelong passion.  That summer I selected and shaded so many Fashion Plates designs.  I sketched through reams of typing paper and sharpen my colored pencils down to nubs...all for the sake of fashion.  I recently started illustrating again and the rush of creating is still vibrant.  I will continue to explore my lost art but in the meantime, I have added the works of some amazing illustrators to my art wall collection.  Here are some of my favs:


all images via atelier doré


all images via cecilia carlstedt


all images via judith van den hoek

ArtAngela Mayhoe