image via angela mayhoe




The days of making new year resolutions (only to break them on the 2nd) are so last year.  I'm in the mindset of creating my own reality and enhancing what is already working.  The year of 2017, brought me clarity, adventure, awareness and some downfalls.  So in 2018, the task is to dig deeper into my clarity, push my adventure to the limits, increase my awareness, fuck the downfalls and keep it moving.  My intention for this year is live on purpose!  


I've been in the kitchen more these days and I thought what would be a great way to keep the momentum going - bake cookies - cookies with fortunes - cookies with fortunes that I created.  I got the recipe from The Jewels of New York (I tweaked it a little and did a chai instead of a black sesame). The process was fairly painless and once I got the folding down, there was no stopping me.  The fortunes I created are my goals and inspirational thoughts (in bed...a little fortune cookie humor).  It felt good to eat the labors of my work and get motivated at the same time. I think the next batch will contain yoga moves so each time I eat a cookie, I have to strike a pose.



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