Take Care


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Saying that there is too much information about vitamins and supplements is an understatement. It is overwhelming and finding a starting point on your own is close to impossible.  I discovered Care/Of via hbfit.com (thanks Hannah) and it has been a life saver.  They conveniently take out the guess work and leave you feeling confident that you are making the right decision.  I still encourage doing research by talking to your health care provider to find the right balance for you.  


Self care is an individual matter and everybody's routine should be unique and personalized.  For me, my concerns were maintaining a healthy digestive system as well as focusing on energy and brain health.   After answering a series of questions, I received a recommendation of 5 vitamins/supplements.  My packets came personalized with my name (I'm all about the details) and the whole process has been very easy to maintain.  


You can also download the app to send you reminders to take your vitamins daily and keep track of your progress!


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