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My arranged car service was cancelled due to technical errors so I used my wits and purchased a train ticket at LGW.  The overall experience was quite pleasant as I chatted with one of the platform attendants while waiting for the train.  We discussed his recent travel adventures to Los Angeles.  It took two transfers and a bucket of hope to get me to Shoreditch.  As I exited the underground station, I was greeted by colorful signs, creatives whizzing by like bees and lots of confusion.


With my oversized suitcase and large Symthson tote, I decided to go left and began walking down the cobblestone street to destination, I dunno.  After 20 steps and really loud clambering (my spinner luggage did not agree with the cobblestone) I spotted a taxi and extended my arm, my body and added a head nod for good measure.  Once I got situated and declared CitizenM as my drop-off point, the taxi gent looked at me with a chuckle.  He explained that my hotel was across the street and around the corner from where he picked me up.  Needless to say, he drove me around the corner pro bono and welcomed me to Shoreditch.


My time in London was loosely planned as I wanted my experience to be like a local with the "day off".  I didn't want to do too much sightseeing, so I hopped on a double decker tour bus, saw Buckingham Palace (at least I think that was the entrance) hopped off and headed to the Tate Modern museum.  Although the museum was under construction, I still felt the satisfaction of being there.  Of course, museums are always tricky because I could spend the whole day strolling and viewing amazing art but my main goal at the Tate was to see the Soul of a Nation exhibit.  The exhibit was empowering and reminded me that my culture can rise above struggles through creativity and purpose.  I also found a new favorite piece by Beuford Smith, Woman Bathing/Madonna 1967.


Over the next couple of days, I lounged in cafés here | here, devoured food here | here, got caught in the rain at Borough Market (where I had the best Ethiopian food) and strolled the V&A. Also, there were pubs, fish and chips and that one night (more like morning 2am) I witnessed a drunken fight in the middle of the street but let's focus on the positive.  Overall, my 3 - day London experience was well packed with adventure, relaxation and indulgence.  As with every place I've visited lately, I can't wait to go back and explore deeper.  

























































































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