Amalfi Coast



The winding paths were clutching the hills as the shuttle whipped through the narrow open ways that Naples defined as streets. I really didn't comprehend that my life was at steak until I exit the shuttle and witnessed how far we ascended. The town of Ravello was just how I imagined a small town in Italy to be, quaint, charming and the sound of kids laughter echoing through the square...nailed it!  


For this trip, I decided to join a travel group to gain a different perspective and to meet new people.  Although, my experience with the company wasn't ideal, I did develop a great relationship with a group of amazing women.  We connected through laughter, food, drinks (pass the Limoncello please), hiking and an all night game of Taboo. 


On one of my free days, I strolled the grounds of the Belmond before indulging in a champagne lunch and relaxing spa treatments. The property was breathtaking and filled with intimate spaces that makes you feel like you're the only guest at the hotel.  I stumbled upon a walkway that lead to a small garden and revealed a view that was made for daydreaming and getting lost in the beauty of Ravello. 


I also traveled to Positano, Amalfi,  Capri and Pompeii.  Each place had its own unique perspective of Italy.  From the amazing historical knowledge of Pompeii to the people watching from a sidewalk café in Amalfi, I felt all that the coast had to offer and was soaking it all in one limoncello shot at a time. 








































































































































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